Question How can I buy the products?
AnswerAll the products offered on can be purchased directly online. Once you have registered on the site (click here to subscribe), simply select the desired product(s) and follow the purchase procedure. You will be accompanied until completion of your order, simply and in a few clicks, whether using a desktop or mobile device.
Question How much does it cost and how can I sign up?
AnswerYou do not need to register to browse the catalogue. However, registering with the site is free and simple and means you can make purchases whenever you want.


To register, simply click on the “My account”  button at the top of the page and run the wizard: you will receive an e-mail at the chosen address, containing a link. Click the link to complete registration and confirm that the e-mail address provided is yours. You are not obliged to subscribe to the newsletter, but we advise you to do so, to make sure that you will always be informed about the latest news and promotions selected for you and can try our service with a welcome discount voucher!

Question Will my bottles be safe during transport?
AnswerYes, certainly. At we are very careful to make sure that your product arrives at its destination in perfect condition: shipments are made by express courier (GLS) and our packaging is extremely secure. The shipping times of the goods are kept to a minimum.
Question Can I order by telephone?
AnswerYes, you can contact one of our operators at who will be willing to help you at all stages of the purchase or to directly place an order on your behalf. To contact us, click here.

Question Which payment methods are accepted?
AnswerYou can pay by credit cards and prepaid cards issued by the Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Postepay, American Express, and Discover (Diners Club International and Pulse) circuits, or by PayPal, Apple Pay or bank transfer.  In the case of a bank transfer, the bank details (IBAN), the amount of the transfer and the order number will be specified at the time of order confirmation. Payment by bank transfer must be made according to any specified time limits and in any case no later than 2 days after order confirmation.
Question Is it safe to pay by credit card?
AnswerPaying by credit card on is safe and certified. Confidential data is not processed by our servers or by our staff, but only by the banking system, and is not stored in any database, either ours or the bank’s. The transaction takes place via a secure, encrypted connection.
Question Do the prices shown on your site include VAT?
AnswerYes, all the prices specified include VAT.
Question How much are the shipping costs?
AnswerGenerally, shipping costs are €12.00 for shipments in Italy (islands included) and free for orders of €145 or over. However, shipping costs may be fixed or variable, and are calculated based on the weight of the goods, the number of items selected and/or the destination address. Shipping may also be free on the basis of specific promotions. You will in any case always be informed of the shipping costs before completing the purchase and payment procedure.
Question Are my personal data safe?
AnswerAt we are attentive to privacy and data security, and adopt SSL certification with the highest degree of protection currently available, covering the entire website: this means your personal data are always encrypted. You can check the authenticity of the protection certificate and its ownership by clicking in the security section of your browser. This is generally found next to the address bar, on the page title or on the status bar.

Furthermore, payment information such as credit card data does not pass through nor is processed/stored by, since it is processed directly by the payment circuit.

Question I have forgotten my password; what can I do?
AnswerYou can set a new password from the e-mail address used during registration: simply click on “LOGIN” and select the “Forgot Password?” below the Password field or click directly here. Once you have entered your email and clicked Reset Password, you will receive an email containing a special link to set a new password.
Question I placed an order but I made a mistake when specifying the delivery address. What can I do?
AnswerIf your order has not yet been shipped, you can request its correction or cancellation by sending an email, using the online chat service or calling us, using the contact details specified here.
Question Can I cancel an order I have made?
Answer You can request cancellation of an order if it has not yet been processed: contact us. In the event of cancellation, the full amount of the order will be refunded.
Question Can I avail myself of the Right of Withdrawal?
AnswerYou can avail yourself of the Right of Withdrawal and be reimbursed as envisaged by law: click here for details
Question Since I am not usually at home during office hours, can I have the products I have purchased delivered to my workplace?
AnswerYes, you can specify a shipping address other than the payment/billing address at the time of purchase.
Question Can I buy a number of products at the same time?
AnswerOf course, you can add as many products to the cart as you want and make a single purchase transaction for them all.
Question What is the credit card CVV code?
AnswerThe CVV code is a 3-digit number printed on the back of your credit card, which we require to confirm that you are the owner of the card.
Question Once I have made a purchase, how can I check that the transaction has been successful?
AnswerYou will receive a confirmation e-mail informing you that your order has been correctly registered. You can also log into your account by clicking on “My Account” and checking all your orders.
Question How long does shipping take?
AnswerOn average, manages to deliver your purchased products within 4 days of receiving the order. Indicative shipping times for each product, as well as those of the entire order, are specified on the product sheet and in the shopping cart summary. Orders are shipped by GLS express courier. In some exceptional cases, when for example a product is out of stock, re-supply times may slightly affect the delivery; in any case our Customer Service is ready to help, and will inform you in good time.
Question Can I check the status of my shipment?
AnswerYes, you can track the shipment by logging into your account, clicking on “Orders” and then on the order you wish to track. Furthermore, when the courier takes charge of the shipment, you will receive an email with tracking information.
Question What should I do if my order doesn’t arrive?
AnswerYou can check the status of the shipment in the order details by accessing your If you need assistance, you can contact us directly by email, using the online chat service or by telephone, using the contact details specified here.
Question What happens if a product I ordered is no longer available?
AnswerIn the unlikely event that an ordered product is no longer available, we will refund you as soon as possible.
Question I have received a damaged bottle; how can I return it and be refunded?
AnswerIf you receive a damaged product at your address, contact Customer Service immediately by email, using the online chat service or by calling us, using the contact details specified here. We may ask you to send us the product in question and to send us some photos by e-mail along with a description of the damage (photo of the damaged product, complete photo of the shipping box, legible photo of the shipping label on the damaged box, photos of the courier’s delivery receipt), so that we can assess the problem and intervene accordingly. If obvious damage to the packaging and contents are detected at the time of delivery, you will need to sign the copy of the delivery receipt retained by the courier, stating “I ACCEPT WITH RESERVATIONS”, and specifying the problem encountered e.g. wet package, broken package, package has been tampered with etc.).
Question Can I have an invoice for my purchase?
AnswerYes, at the time of purchase you can select whether to receive a receipt or an invoice. Either way, you will receive the chosen document by e-mail after payment, together with order confirmation. If you fail to receive it, you can request it by contacting Customer Service.For orders exceeding €3,599.99, we are obliged to issue an invoice. For this reason, you will be asked to provide your tax code number or VAT number.
Question I saw a promotion, but it no longer appears to be active. Can I still take advantage of the offer?
AnswerSome products may be offered at a promotional price for a limited time or quantity. Once the promotion has finished, the product will be available at the displayed price. Some promotions may return at a later date; we suggest you subscribe to our newsletter in order not to miss out on any discounts: click here to subscribe.

Question I would like to stop receiving your newsletters; what should I do?
AnswerSimply click on the unsubscribe link contained in each newsletter. Even if you have unsubscribed from our newsletter, your account will remain active and your registered credentials will allow you to access to make purchases or consult the catalogue.
Question How can I contact customer support if I have any other queries?
AnswerOur customer care service is provided free of charge by email, on our online chat service or by telephone; our contact details are listed here. The website also offers a real-time customer support chat service, whose operational capacities may vary depending on the availability of support staff.