1. About us

The data controller of your personal data is


  • Postal address: BRODOLINI 2, 73020, Castri di Lecce (LE) Italy
  • E-mail address of the Data Protection Officer: info@lesaittole.com

2. What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Your data (obtained online or in person) will be used, among other purposes, for managing your registration as a user, for the purchase of products or services, to answer your questions and, if you wish, to send you personalized communications.

Depending on the purpose for which your data is processed from time to time, as explained above, we will need certain data rather than others. In general, depending on the situation, they will be the following:

your identification data (for example name, surname, language and country from which you interact with us, contact details, etc.);

financial and transaction information (for example, your payment or credit card details, information relating to your purchases, orders, returns, etc.);

connection, geolocation and/or browsing data (for example, if you interact with us using your mobile phone);

commercial information (for example, if you have subscribed to our newsletter);

information relating to your tastes and preferences.

Remember that when we ask you to provide us with your personal data to allow you to have access to any function or service on the Platform, some fields will be marked as mandatory, since they regard data we need to be able to provide the service or product you have requested or to allow you access the features in question. We need such data in order to comply with existing contractual obligations or to comply with applicable laws and regulations. Please note that if you decide not to provide us with such data, you may not be able to complete your registration as a user or to use the services, products or features you have requested.

In specific cases, your data may have been provided to us by third parties through the use of a function or service on the Platform, for example by sending a gift card or by sending an order to your address. In such cases, your data is processed only if it is relevant to the performance of that function or service, as indicated in this Privacy and Cookie Policy.

3. Why we use your data.

  • We are legally authorized to process your data for several reasons. The main reason why we need to process your personal data is the fulfilment of the contract you accept when you register as a user and when you purchase a product or use any of our services or features. Despite this, other reasons also authorize us to process your data, such as, for example, our interest in answering your questions or the consentyou give us to send you, for example, our newsletter.The legal basis that allows the processing of your personal data also depends on the purpose for which they are processed:
    1. Management of your registration as a user of the Platform
    2. Fulfilment and stipulation of the purchase or service contract
    3. Customer service
    4. Marketing
    5. Usability analysis and quality of the site

4. Who we share your data with.

We share your data with service providers who help or support us in pursuing the aforementioned purposes, such as Inditex Group companies or external assistants with whom we have entered into an agreement and who may be located both inside and outside the European Union.

To achieve the purposes indicated in this Privacy and Cookie Policy, we must allow access to your personal data to third parties who provide us with support in the provision of the services we offer, namely:

  • financialinstitutions,
  • companies specialized in the detection and prevention of fraud,
  • technology and analytics service providers,
  • suppliers and professionals providing services relating to logistics,transportand/or their partner establishments,
  • service providers in the field of customer assistance,
  • service providers and professionals providing services relating to marketing and advertising, such as social network websites, advertising agencies or advertising partners.

5. Your rights.

You are entitled to access, rectify or delete your personal data and to lodge a complaint with the data protection authority of your country at any time. You also have other rights such as, for example, the right to object to our use of your data or the right to portability, as explained in detail below.

We undertake to keep your personal data confidential and to ensure that you may exercise your rights. As Joint Data Controllers we have agreed that you can exercise your rights free of chargeby sending an e-mail to the e-mail address (info@lesaittole.com), simply informing us of the reason for your request and the right you wish to exercise. If we need to be able to identify you, we may ask you to provide us with a copy of a document certifying your identity.

In particular, regardless of the purpose or legal basis on which we process your data, you have the following rights:

  • To request accessto the data we have regarding you. We remind you that, if you are a registered user on the Platform, you can also consult this information in the section dedicated to your personal data in your account.
  • To request to rectifythe data in our possession. Remember that if you are a registered user on the Platform, you can also access the section dedicated to personal data in your account to modify or update such data. In any case, please note that by actively providing us with your personal data through any procedure, you guarantee its truthfulness and accuracy and undertake to notify us of any changes or modifications to such data. The user will be solely responsible for any loss or damage caused to the Platform or to the person responsible for the Platform or to third parties due to incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete information provided in the registration forms. Remember that, in general, you are required to provide us only with your personal data, not those of third parties, except as provided for in this Privacy and Cookie Policy.
  • To request the deletionof your personal data to the extent that they are no longer necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were processed, as indicated above, or if we are no longer legally authorized to process them.
  • To request us to stop or limit the processing of your personal data, which assumes that in some cases it is possible to request for processing of the data to be temporarily suspended or for data to be kept beyond the necessary time, when you need this.

6. What happens if you provide us with third party data or if your data is provided to us by third parties?

We offer features or services that require the processing of personal data of third parties that you, as a user or customer, must provide us with, as in the case of activating and sending a Gift Card or managing the request for a Gift Card (if these options are available), or when you authorize a third party to collect an order from our partner stores or establishments. If you provide us with personal data of third parties, or if we need to request them from third parties for the collection of an order in your name, you guarantee that you have informed them of the purposes and methods of our processing of their personal data.

If a third party has provided us with your data or you have provided it yourself as a result of a function or service requested by one of our users, we will use it to manage the function or service in question in both cases, within the limitations of the purposes listed in this Privacy and Cookie Policy, to which a link is included in all our communications.

7. Amendments to the privacy and cookie policy

We may change the information contained in this Privacy and Cookie Policy when we deem it appropriate. In this case, you will be informed through various procedures on the Platform (for example, with a banner, a pop-up or a push notification) or by sending a notice to your e-mail address if the change has a significant impact on your privacy, so that you may view the changes, evaluate them and, if you so desire, object to or cancel any services or features. In any case, we recommend that you review this Privacy and Cookie Policy from time to time to check for any minor changes or interactive improvements, as you will always find it available on our Website.