We have always worked the land.

Azienda Agricola Le Saittole is run by Elena Georgopoulos, a young agricultural entrepreneur, who inherited the estate and her passion for olive growing from the maternal branch of the de Pascalis Candido family from Castrì di Lecce, producers since 1742.

The estate covers an area of almost 200 hectares located in the south-eastern part of Salento, near the Adriatic Sea. Its beating heart is the historic Masseria Le Saittole, a staging post for the horses of the Basilian monks on their way to Otranto, which takes its name from the traditional lightning bolt-shaped look-out windows of the Turks (saittais a dialect word meaning “lightning bolt”).


“Before becoming an entrepreneur and the spokesperson of my company,
I saw it grow, change and improve together with my staff,
who have always been the same; before them there were their fathers.
The land, our love for the land and our mutual respect for each other’s work mean
that we all move forward together,taking care of each other like an extended family.
Love is at the origin of everything”.

Elena Georgopoulos

Making good oil

The company philosophy is to work according to the principles of good farming practices, adopting the criteria of modern olive growing.


Olive groves

Alongside the centuries-old olive groves, new plantings of different cultivars have been added, arranged according to contemporary criteria, thanks to the specialized advice of expert agronomists and technicians.


The goal of high product quality was achieved through the complete mechanization of the harvesting, pruning and milling phases.

Underground irrigation

Underground irrigation is used in all the olive groves, where farming is based on environmentally friendly techniques that safeguard the environment and the health of consumers.